About Us

Our Aim

Juul is set for progress the world’s billion grown-up smokers from burnable cigarettes, dispense with their utilization, and battle underage use of our items. Juul Labs was established fully intent on assisting with changing the world’s one billion grown-up smokers from ignitable cigarettes. We accept that fume items can offer grown-up smokers an option in contrast to flammable cigarettes and, in this manner, diminish the mischief related with tobacco. We additionally realize that giving an option in contrast to grown-up smokers is in danger in the event that it comes to the detriment of underage use. We are focused on aiding grown-up smokers progress away from flammable cigarettes, while fighting the major issue of underage use.

Made For Adult Smokers

JUUL items convey an outstanding nicotine experience intended for grown-up smokers searching for an option in contrast to customary cigarettes. The JUUL Device is a vaporizer that has no catches or switches, and employments. a controlled temperature control. JUUL permits you to customize your experience, on the grounds that each JUUL venture is extraordinary. Your requirements may advance through your excursion, so attempt the two qualities and flavors to track down the most fulfilling one today. Without any catches or switches on the JUUL Device, clients just need to embed a JUULpod to have a delightful encounter. Flavors and distinctive nicotine qualities give decisions while investigating the most effortless way for grown-up smokers to move away from conventional cigarettes.

Save More With Juul

Not exclusively is JUUL a wonderful option in contrast to cigarettes, but at the same time it’s less expensive. By changing to JUUL, you could save more than $152 every month, which implies you could save more than $1,840 a year. Average US cigarette cost of $7.48 comes from sources given by Nielsen and IRI. The information comes from 40 states and incorporates state and extract charges. E-cigarette spend is self-revealed by JUUL clients. Cost is for buyers who exclusively use Juul Labs items (not double clients of cigarettes or other vaping items).


Juul Pod Online™ accepts that all clients have acquired a remedy for nicotine from an enlisted california clinical specialist prior to bringing in our items for individual use under the Personal Importation Scheme. At Juul Pod Online™ we don’t make any restorative cases with respect to our items. Our items are sold only for sporting purposes – they are not a smoking discontinuance item and have not been tried all things considered. Our items supplement a way of life. Juul Pod Online™ items are not for re-deal. The deal and supply of nicotine is unlawful inside Australia. Nicotine is a drug and is recorded as a Schedule 7 toxin. The elements of our nicotine e-fluids don’t contain THC, or nutrient E intensifies like those found in cannabis-related items.


Our items are age confined and are not to be utilized by people younger than 18. They are not expected for ladies who are pregnant or bosom taking care of, or people with or in danger of coronary illness, hypertension, diabetes, or taking drug for despondency or asthma. Our items contains Nicotine, a compound known to the province of California (USA) to cause birth surrenders or other regenerative damage.